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Scientific Newsletter

   Moscow State Mining University can boast of publishing its own journal called “Scientific Newsletter”.


   Electronic version of the Scientific Newsletter of Moscow State Mining University was started in April 2010.


   The Newsletter is issued once a month (in case there are enough articles for the current number).


   The Scientific Newsletter of MSSU is aimed at publicizing authentic and real-time information on MSSU and other scientific organizations’ activities pertaining to the research and project work being conducted as well as to the teaching and practical work and academic staff training results.


    MSSU Scientific Newsletter was created with the purpose of immediate posting scientific articles dealing with up-to-date mining works and their discoveries issues.


The main tasks of MSSU Scientific Newsletter are as follows:


  •        deepening mutually beneficial cooperation of Russian and foreign scientists
  •        Promotion of debates on challenging scientific and real-life issues
  •        Public awareness raising in international and national scientific society
  •        Providing peer review in teaching and academic staff training


   The articles to be published should be submitted in accordance with the requirements published on the website of the Newsletter in section “Article design”. These requirements should be strongly observed. There are also certain limitations of article volume and number of articles from one author (or writing team). All articles should be obligatorily peer-reviewed by at least one Doctor of the chosen science. The article is granted publication by the decision of the editorial team and topic sections editors.