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Minor’s week conference 2013

We are glad to inform that from January, 28 to February, 1 2013 MSSU played host to the 21st Minor’s week conference 2013. The conference comprised International Scientific Symposium, sessions of Russian Mining Universities’ Education and Methodic Association, Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to the problems of mining, Scientific Centre for Fundamental and Applied Research in Mining, Research Council of Russian Academy of Sciences for Economic Use of Explosions, Scientific Research Conference, round tables and other important events.


About 600 outsiders from more than 280 companies, 15 foreign countries and republics (Germany, Romania, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Mongolia, Korean People’s Republic, Vietnam, Australia, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belorussia) took an active part in the Symposium. More than 1100 reports for seminars, round table and conferences were entered.


The 21st Minor’s week conference 2013 includes 28 seminars examining fundamental and applied problems of mining geology, geophysics, mine surveying, subsurface resources geometry, geomechanics, rock blasting, mining aerogasdynamics and thermal physics, economics of natural use, geoecology, geoinformatics, geotechnology ( underground, open, building), mining engineering, electric technical systems and complexes, mining financing.


Three round tables were conducted within the context of the Symposium. They are “Peculiar means used in underground building”, “Young Generation Forum OF Mining leaders”, “Natural Ecosystem and Biodiversity of Industrial regions Maintenance”, a Round Table of the Journal “Gluckauf” and also a scientific research conference “Open Cast Mine Re-equiping”.