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Education of foreigners

Today, at the Moscow State Mining University the international students are studying at the full-time course, evening and extension departments from 27 countries: Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Vietnam, Germany, Guinea, Israel, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Congo, China, Latvia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Namibia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan.


The education of foreigners is provided by all training programs at the MSMU.

The international students can study as on a commercial basis as at the expense of government financing (spaces are limited). The training cost of foreigners depends on the training program.


Well-furnished hostel, visa support, health insurance, adaptation program, courses of Russian Language are given to international students. The university also has the own sports center and rest home. The territorial position of the MSMU makes good severalize from many universities because of  the educational building is situated in the park area close to river in the centre of the city of Moscow. Oktyabrskaya metro station is also close to it.


At the MSMUDean's Office for International Studentsdeals with arrival questions of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation (tel. 8 (499) 230-27-33)


Intake proceedings of foreign citizens for studying at the Moscow State Mining University  are given in “Admission Regulations of foreign citizens”.


We are happy to see you among our students!