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International & Exchange Programs

Last decade thanks to the support of our German colleagues, dozens of students from Moscow State Mining University have completed their 1-2 months internships at BERLIN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.  Besides they had practical experience at the leading mining companies and enterprises of Germany. 45 students from our University went through practical short term courses as well.


As a part of the internships our students visited various mining enterprises and corporations (colliery, potash, atomic and others). They explore educational curricula at various Universities, partners of the MSMU.  Cultural program of students’s stay was also great full of visits around cultural sights of Berlin.


In response  various departments of the Mining University initiated programs of cooperation to promote Berlin Technical University. Since  3 group of German students arrived here to explore Russian mining and oil production enterprises.



According to an agreement with AGRICOLA HIGH ENGINEERING SCHOOL the students of MSMU University were recommended to the High School for 1 or 2 terms as full-time exchange students. Instruction was conducted according to dedicated personal study plan developed by MSMU and arranged by German colleagues for every participant.


The exchange program included a week fam trip to explore successful mining enterprises. Such eventful program was successfully completed by 24 students of our University.


Besides Prof. G. Marenholts (initiator, program director and German coordinator) conducted short-term study seminars at MSMU premises twice.  Those seminars were held with use of original computer business game «SIMBERG» developed by him personally.


According to the agreement the partners’ Universities conducts joint efforts to compile international mining dictionary . The Professors of Agricola High Engineering School, including its President Mr. J. Kretschmann, takes part in traditional Miner’s Weeks to present their current scientific research.



Our  young scientists have close ties with FREIBURG MINING ACADEMY as well.


Graduate of Moscow State Mining University, Mr. Kaledin O.  (department of “Underground constructions and mining”) completed his Post Graduate course of studying in Germany. Recently he presented his thesis (tutor – Prof. W. Kudla).  Besides two Doctoral students of MSMU – Ms N. Lukyanova (Dept. Economics of Natural Resources) and Mr O. Sologub (Dept of Life safety) proudly won scholarship and main prize of  the Russian-Germany scientific competition for young explorers named after most prominent scientist – “Mikhail Lomonosov” competition. They received educational grants for their scientific work at Freiburg Mining Academy (under guidance of  Prof. C. Drebenstedt).


The third prizewinner of the contest was Ms O.A.Efremovtseva. She got an educational grant for her research to continue at Aachen Technical University. She used to be a PhD student, Dept of  “Economy and mining production” (research tutor – Prof. С. Nieman-Delius).