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Research & International Cooperation

Moscow State Mining University is a proud partner of  such prominent Universities as Berlin Technical University, Agricola High Engineering School and Freiburg Mining Academy. We establish fruitful cooperation in scientific researches and training.


We conduct scientific researches with BERLIN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY in two areas: “Mining Science” and “Management”. Within the first sphere we focused on exploration of possible solutions to face newly arrived environmental challenges of modern world in mining (i.e. utilization of wastes of coal mining and cleaning; water protection from the negative influence of high-sulfur wastes of coal production and cleaning). As a result of cooperation with Berlin Technical University the MSMU was recommended by the German side as the most qualified Russian partner in the field of coal production waste processing and cleaning to become a full member within an international program of European Economic Community “Copernicus”.   This project was recognised as the best of its kinds. Financial support for the research was granted by scientific authorities of the European Union. Recent years the research has been conducting in close cooperation with several other Universities – Imperial College London, Athens Institute of Technology, Sofia Mining University and Kiev Institute of Thermal Physics.


Successful results of the international cooperation were highly marked by the Russian Ministry of Education at the annual meeting  “Researches and developments in most promising scientific and technological sectors of Russia”. Further funding were provided. Those grants were envisaged to develop and support  MSMU’s unique scientific complex “MULTISCAN” (2003-2008).


In 2007-2008 results of the partnership with Berlin and Freiburg were presented in a new grant application. A state contract for research was allocated to the MSMU to continue. “The research of the processes of transformations and regularities of changes in structure of natural and artificial minerals under influence  of physical and other fields with the usage of multifunctional complex of introscopy and diagnostics of minerals under special thermobaric conditions of “MULTISCAN” project for verification of resource-saving and environment-oriented technologies of mineral resources production and processing”.



Under the second direction our University conducted researches in cooperation with Institute of Economics of Production (Prof. D.Gibert). Those works concentrated on the problem of integration of corporate culture at joint Russian-German enterprises.  21 of industrial enterprises acquired by Germans were explored within the study. The project was supported by the Russian Federation for  last 3 years.



The key areas of cooperation with the FREIBURG MINING ACADEMY for last years are:

1. Dual recognition and accreditation of partners’ universities. An Agreement on dual Diploma was signed in 2011. It includes  following areas:


-          “Underground mineral resources mining” (MSMU);

-          “Opened mining activities” (MSMU);

-          “Underground and mining plants construction” (MSMU);

-          “Geotechnics and mining activities” (Germany).


Our pioneer student Grabsky K. has completed his education in Germany and has successfully presented his thesis to the scientific body.  At the same time 2 German students from Freiberg,  Mr. Muller P and Mr. Kaminski D., completed their course in Moscow.


Participation of our German colleagues from FMA in the “Miner’s Week” and MSMU staff in “Miner and Steelworker day” in Germany has already become traditional.



Besides, close business and personal contacts were established with Aachen Technical University (Prof. G. Nieman-Delius and Prof. N. Martens) and Klaustalsk Technical University (Prof. O.Langefeld).