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International students (Dean’s) office

Our goal at Moscow State Mining University is to attract international students to study here,  to provide them with high quality education in accordance with the highest international standards of education. We are also keen on broadening existing connections and developing new ties.


International Students Office is to provide assistance to foreign students in every problem arising.


Our focus areas of work are:


  • pre-university tutorial and admission
  • coursework
  • financial issues and grants
  • stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, visa support
  • medical insurance and medical supervision
  • student life and hostel accommodation
  • interaction with international companies and consular service
  • international cooperation
  • other issues



Pre-university tutorial and admission includes:


  • preparatory department for Russian language study and pre-entry training based on the programme “Foundation”
  • working in the Admissions Office
  • admission supervision and Russian language tutorials to foreign nationals


Coursework includes:


  • issue of acceptance and enrollment termination orders
  • student division on the basis of enrolment status (preparatory department, specialist training programme, Master’s degree programme, post-graduate training, study placement)
  • enrollment and readmission of the expelled students
  • students’ progress record  keeping
  • interaction with University subdivisions on the part of the  office


Financial issues and grants include:


  • drawing up end-of-each-term financial agreement
  • overseeing tuition and accommodation fees
  • correspondence with legal bodies on tuition fees and grant orders
  • proposals on encouragement and discipline of the international students


Stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, visa support includes:


  • Offer of a Place issue
  • Multi-entry and Exit visa arrangement
  • annual MSSU registration in state bodies to receive the right of offering places to international students
  • registration in the Federal Migration Service “Yakimanka” to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • cancel of registration for international students who have graduated or been expelled or those who have been granted Russian citizenship


Medical insurance and supervision include:


  • medical insurance drawing up
  • encouraging healthy lifestyle


Student life and hostel accommodation include:


  • providing hostel accommodation to international students
  • Rules of Good Behavior abidance control
  • encouraging students’ participation in University, municipal and other events


Interaction with international companies and consular service includes:


  • individual and corporate agreement conclusion
  • drawing up transcript of academic record to embassies and foreign missions
  • quarterly, semestral, annual transcript for submittance to academic office, Federal Migration Office, Federal Agency for Education, Embassy or Foreign Mission


International cooperation includes:


  • communication with graduates
  • selective engagement policy in developing friendship and partnership relations with foreign countries
  • establishment of a business connections with legal and natural persons, their representatives and non-governmental organizations on questions  connected with the Dean’s Office work
  • interaction with state administration bodies, Russian Embassies in foreign countries and Foreign Embassies in Russia, non-governmental organizations, administration of companies organizing stay and study of foreign citizens


Other issues include:


  • publicity and fact books issue
  • meeting arrangement for arriving students (at the airport and railway stations)
  • mentoring of the students, including extracurricular events and summer break  activities
  • analysis and consolidation of information on the processes taking part in the international student environment, informing university administration, proposal making on taking received information into consideration in the practical activity of the University.
  • interaction with parents on providing  more effective education process
  • emergency assistance