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Leisure & Sport

Moscow State Mining University (MSMU) is rich in different associations and unions. Each of our students who are interested in sports can find something he likes and prefers. Our students are free to choose among the following sport games:


Track and field;
Table tennis;
Overall physical condition;
Artistic gymnastics;
and other sport leagues.



All our coachers are the specialists of the highest-level. They have trained lots of amazing sportsmen and masters of sport. Boxing is the most valuable kind of sport in the Moscow State Mining University. One of our students from the 2ndcourse of the MEM faculty took a Bronze medal at the London Olympic Games. So, if you, our dear student, are taking sports professionally and/or showing really good results in some sport game you play, then you must join our MSMU varsity team! We can talk long and much about the advantages of being a part of our varsity team starting from the high educational grant and finishing with the help you can receive during your exams passing. All our teachers of Physical training and coachers are always trying to help the students, lending them a helping hand in any possible situation.


Every year the Union of Student Fraternities (USF) conducts in MSMU a sport contest called Spartakiada Games. This event includes more than 15 types of sport games. Everyone can take part in it. At the end of Spartakiada Games a solemn rewarding ceremony is held. At this ceremony all the winners of the Games receive their well-worn honours in the form of medals and cups. Except the Spartakiada Games our Institute also conducts different championships among the faculties of the MSMU. Every sportsman will find his direction and will be able to defend the honor of the Institute.