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Accommodation & Residences

Student dormitory is a kind of entire and separate world which exists in parallel world. The key rule of the dormitory is to be young, cheerful and lively resident. While the priority is ability to get on with people well. It is well known that the person who can find a common language and be involved well with other people makes his way and achieve high in life easier than those who are indifferent, avoidant , conflictual or irrestrainable.


The same is in a dormitory: it is more pleasant to live in a room together with a friendly and nice person to find a common language with other people, than with somebody who will always keep his thoughts in possession. In fact the life in dormitory is not that bad and studying has a gap for entertainment. One knows it is difficult to prepare for exams. When it is the next day no one can really think about entertainment and joy. Few days before examinations session a dormitory turns from a place of everlasting enthusiasm into a small scientific research center where silence, books and coffee command. All the students are preparing for the coming examinations and are trying to do everything possible to fulfill and get excellent marks. And when all the exams are passed, the students can breathe a sigh of relief to return back to normality… Until the next examination session though.



A life in a dormitory consist of three main stages: arrival (“dawn”), living (“day”) and departure (“sunset”). The “dawn” here is really amazing. I was a lucky one to observe how building of a dormitory comes to a life filled with new students each day. It looked like the dormitory starts to dance pumped by music and laugh.


The next is the life here itself. There are 3 kinds of dormitories here: a family dormitory, dormitories for ladies and for gentlemen. The student dormitories also differs by a number of residents in rooms and by the services provided there. Normally it is an apartment-style blocks consist of 2 rooms for for 1-2 people per room with shared toilet and bathroom. Each floor of the dormitory usually has 2-3 kitchens. It is often here students solve their most global issues and discuss the most important problems. Many students do not like to cook. Despite of the still like to eat some tasty stuff. That’s why if you are the one to cook be prepared to share with your new friends. Thus the dormitory becomes your new big and friendly family where everyone is ready to share everything he has with his peer.


It is true to say some are not able to live in residence panopticum. Some need more personal space, some suffer insomniasome are deep intraverts. While for the most of freshmen a dormitory gets people closer, they learn to live in a community together. And this is GREAT when someone like you is young and full of energy. The new life would teach certain rules of life, kindness and friendship. The dorm is a place where you make friends for a lifetime. Not only will you remember your fun student years later on, but you will also be helping each other at difficult times. Students are an eternal power of youth and energy. Student life here is full of news and activities. It does not leave anyone on a sideline.


The student dorm is a source of the most brilliant ideas, a venue for the most fun holidays and an origin of the warmest feelings. Everyone works together for one common goal, everyone breathes the same air. Just listen to numerous stories and tales of life in the dorm!


Of course, when you are at your home you feel yourself like a King: everything is more comfortable, your parents take care of you, cook you tasty dishes and…control every your step. But the student dormitory will give you a great opportunity to mature quicker, to establish your independency in every aspect. The dormitory will simply prepare you for the future big life and will help you in both your career and family life.


Join us here, in a dormitory of Moscow State Mining University.