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Why Choose Us

 Why Moscow State Mining University?


If you’re considering your future but you haven’t considered university, there are plenty of reasons why you should. For one, as a graduate you’ll earn a lot more than you could now. But it’s not just the money. University will open your eyes to possible futures you’d have never considered before.


University is more than studying and getting qualifications. There’s an important social side that will lead you to new friendships and new experiences that will shape you and help you grow in ways you can’t imagine.


1. MSMU is an internationally recognized university with a reputation for quality founded in 1918

2. Besides mining majors, MSMU offers a wide range of programs in economics and information technology fields

3. Entry standards are not too high as we have enough knowledge to make real-world professionals from complete beginners

4. Average salary of MSMU alumni is much higher than overall Russian average as the industry the graduates work in thrives all over the world

5. We offer low tuition fees for International Students. Besides, scholarships and financial aid is available for those who need it.

6. We also have an International Student Association where foreign students have full support. We place an emphasis on personal attention and guidance.  If you have any questions, please contact the Dean’s office of International Students.

7. For those who lives further than 60 km from Moscow we offer single and double rooms in our two comfortable resident buildings close to the University. Just 10 min by public transport. We guarantee visiting undergraduates accommodation on or close to the campus

8. Full credit transfer to your home university is usually possible

9. Moscow State Mining University situated on a beautiful city center campus at Leninsky Prospekt which is 2 minutes’ walk from Oktyaborskaya subway station

10. “Student life” is not just mere words for us. The students spend all day long at the university; therefore, the campus and students’ comfort means so much. After years of studying at the university it becomes family for all the students. There is a unique atmosphere which always remains in the memory of all the graduates. You learn and obtain all the necessary skills and knowledge which help you to create your future life. Also, you communicate with the professors and work in close collaboration with them under conjoint projects and researches. It has nothing to do with those relationships between students and teachers which you observe at school.

11. Here you can make some real friends because it is university friendship which often results into long-term and genuine friendship. Here one can enjoy some pleasant peculiarities of students’ favorite cafes where crowds of students prepare for the exams. There is a very few people who strive to get home right after the classes because student life continues here at any time of the day. In the evening students participate in various dancing, singing, sport or humorous performances and competitions. Strange as it may seem but the students of mining university can frequently surprise everybody with their talents which they haven’t told anybody about before. So all of a sudden MSMU alumni who participated in humorous performances became quite popular on TV (Sergey Belogolovtsev). And another pleasant example is the Olympics in Athens. MSMU student got 3rd place in boxing. The teachers sincerely believe in their students and they don’t hesitate to invest a lot of effort to see every graduate happy and successful.


As you can see, studying at the university is not only lectures, exams, specialty and degree which guaranties you a job in the well-paid segment of Russian economy. It is also 4-5 years of exciting student life which you will remember for long years. It is an opportunity to become a unique person growing in different spheres and life activities. Finally, the university helps you to find your own identity and choose the right career. Since 2013 there is a professional career orientation center opened at Moscow State Mining University.