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Question: What are the contact details of admission office of MSSU?

Answer:  119991, Moscow. Leninski Prospect, 6 (metro station “Octyabrskaya”, 2 minutes walk)

Tel. +7 (499) 230-25-05


Question: Is MSSU state or private university?

Answer: the University was founded as a state university in 1918 and is a state university now. Here you may find source documents of state accreditation.


Question: Are there  exchange programs with foreign universities for 1-2 year study abroad?

Answer: Yes, there are such programs in MSSU. The students with the excellent knowledge of a foreign language and academic results have the priority in participating in such programs. Here you may find necessary information.


Question: Can I apply to British or American high schools after graduating from the MSSU?

Answer: Here you’ll find documents proving state accreditation and international acknowledgement of the degrees received at the University. Having a Bachelor’s degree you may be admitted to the most Master’s programs in foreign universities. But you should keep in mind that some high rated foreign universities may still demand Russian Master’s degree.


Question: What is the length of course for foreign students?

Answer: You should study preliminary program in Russian language for 1 year  (if necessary),  it takes 4 years to receive a Bachelor’s degree, 2 years to take Master’s degree. The length of study is the same for foreigners as wel as natives.


Question: Do the foreign citizens have a right to study at the MSSU online with valid degrees’ certificates on completion of the courses?

Answer: Yes, they do.


Question: What level of expenses I should expect while staying in Moscow?

Answer: It’s difficult to say though. It is true Moscow is a rather expensive city. We recommend to reserve at least 60 euros for meals at university’s canteens. Transport expenses aren’t that high ( the week’s ticket for all means of transport costs 8 euros only).  It may also take you additional 20-50 euros  per week for cultural events.


Question: What are tuition fees for foreign students?

Answer: You will find necessary information here (Tuition fees).


Question: Are there any discounts on tuition of the foreign students?

Answer: There is a limited amounts of scholarship and grant programs for foreign students.


Question: Is it necessary to translate foreign documents of education for application?

Answer: Those documents must be translated on the territory of the Russian Federation and be certified by Notary.


Question: What is an average number  of students at the Foundation program?

Answer: The number of Foundation students  per group is 12 at its maximum.


Question: What are the languages of instruction at MSSU?

Answer: Mostly Russian.


Question: Are all foreign students provided with a place at university’s residences? .

Answer: Yes. All foreign students are guaranteed to have a place in a residence. In case of late application residence’s places are subject of availability.


Question: Can I apply to MSSU after a studying course at another Russian (or foreign) university?

Answer: Yes, you can. Following documents should be provided to apply:

  • Academic transcript for the whole year of study in other university.
  • Credit book or its copy
  • Study plan for the completed year of study.

Admission officers will compare study plans and decide on. In case of a gap of 4 subjects or more, the applicant will be offered to enroll at the previous year of a course.


Question: Can I pay tuition in a few installments?

Answer: The tuition fee can be paid both yearly or termly.


Question: Can a student apply to the University with 9 years of secondary education?

Answer: No, admission to the University is possible only having a Certificate of Full Secondary General Education or equivalents to it.


Question: Can foreign students work while studying in Russia?

Answer: Legally No. Russian student’s visa doesn’t suggest working. However plenty of work for cash is available around the city.


Question: Can foreign student send applications via e-mail?

Answer: Yes, they can. You may find contacts on the pages devoted to admission to the University.


Question: Is a citizen of Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS) considered as a “foreign student”?

Answer: Yes, indeed. The CIS citizens have similar rights and obligations like citizens of Germany or USA.


Question: Are foreign students taught in same groups with Russian students?

Answer:  Students are allocated into following groups:

  • Foundation program – for foreign students only.
  • Bachelor and Master’s degree course – for both Russian and foreign students (mixed groups).


Question: Do MSSU provide Offer of Place to foreign students?

Answer: Yes. MSSU send official Offer of Place to students who successfully applied to the University’s programs. On reception of the  Offer of Place one should arrange his Student Visa to enter the Russian Federation. You’ll find necessary assistance at the International Student’s Office.